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Italian Options

Marketing support


This website can be fully viewed by your customers who can see exactly what you see but without the prices and other trade related items. So you can browse the site with your customer and discuss our full range of products or forward links to items if corresponding by email, for example.


We produce a full colour brochure that contains all of our most popular lines and, as it doesn't contain prices, is most suitable for you to use in sales discussions with your clients. If you wish to give away copies to your customers then we can supply bulk copies in bulk at cost price.

Product photographs

The images on this web site belong to Italian Options Limited who hold the world-wide copyright - use by others without permission is illegal. Images have visible and/or invisible watermarks - images used on web sites are tracked by watermark detection software and unauthorised use will be acted upon.

However, as part of our customer marketing support we make the product images on this web site available to selected customers on a strictly licensed basis. If you would like to take part in this program please complete the form below and we will provide you with further information.

To request information on licensed image use (without obligation) please contact us by post, phone or email.

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